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1. Application

By registering, the motorbike traveler ("customer") provides luxury motorbike tours ("organizer") a concluding contract. The application can only be made in writing form (including by fax or e-mail). The contract is concluded by the written confirmation of luxury motorbike tours.

2. Deposit and Final Payment

After the conclusion of the contract (receipt of confirmation) a deposit of 25% of the tour price must be paid. The final payment must be received no later than five weeks prior to traveling with luxury motorbike tours.

3. Services and Prices

The scope of the contractual services result from the tender on the website. Other general information is not considered as constituent parts: Changes or deviations of individual travel services, which become necessary after the conclusion of the contract, are only permitted if the changes are not substantial and do not affect the overall form of the tour. Luxury motorbike tours reserves the right to change, due to unforeseen events, the travel route. Should any services, due to the booking situation of individual subcontractors (eg. hotels, pensions, booked motorcycle model) can not be provided, the organizer reserves a replacement with comparable offers that come as close as possible to the sense and purpose of the advertised trip. The customer will be informed.

4. Cancellation and Re-Booking by the Client

The customer can withdraw his tour at any time prior to departure of the trip. The withdrawal must be in writing form. In the event of a substantial change in an essential travel service the customer is entitled to withdraw the contract without penalty. However, this needs to be substantiated and in writing form with signature. In calculating the compensation, the actual performance of the organizer is used as a basis. The following cancellation amounts will be charged:

  • 90 days before departure 350 US Dollar
  • 89-45 days before departure 25%
  • 44-30 days before departure 40%
  • 29-10 days before departure 70%
  • On the day of departure or no show up 90% of the booked tour have to be paid according to the travel price.

5. Cancellation by the Organizer

a) Without observance of deadlines, luxury motorbike tours may resign a tour if the traveler violates the contract after several warnings. This case is justified by an immediate cancellation of the contract. If the organizer cancels the contract, the total tour price will be retained without notice or compensation.

b) The advertised minimum number of 2 customers (depends on the tour) is not reached for the corresponding trip (this excludes private guided tour bookings).

c) If the trip has to be withdrawn due to major forces, such as the destruction of accommodation or similar incidents, or the journey would be unpredictable impeded, endangered or impaired, both parties may cancel the contract. Upon termination prior to departure of the trip, the customer receives the paid travel price immediately. Any further claims are excluded. Luxury motorbike tours may charge a fee for entertainment expenses or previously made services.

d) For weather-related reasons, luxury motorbike tours may change or cancel the tour. Luxury motorbike tours is in this case encouraged to offer an alternative program. Luxury motorbike tours has no responsibility for weather-related failures or changes.

e) The travel itinerary can be changed by the organizer under special conditions.

6. Liability

The organizer is liable as a prudent businessman for the conscientious travel preparation, careful selection and monitoring of service providers and the accuracy of the specified travel documents. Luxury motorbike tours is liable for the fault of the persons involved in the provision of services. However, the organizer shall not be liable for any fines, violations of traffic regulations of the destination country. Each customer has to ensure that he possesses a valid driving license. The customer drives the motorbike at his own risk on public roads. Luxury motorbike tours ensures the customer that the motorbike complies with the provisions of the Road Traffic Regulation in each country. The organizer does not include any other insurance for the customer. The customer is responsible for his own driving style. The customer assumes civil and criminal responsibility for any damage he may cause (eg. persons, property and consequential damage) and must own an adequate insurance coverage. The customer has to waive a claim that arises in connection with a damaging event during the booked tour against luxury motorcycle tours, their employees and to all persons entrusted with the event (instructors, tour guides) as well as helpers and agents. This waiver is also explained to the relatives and dependents of the customer. For damages in connection with services that are only obtained as foreign services, luxury motorbike tours is not liable, also in participation of their tour guide. The customer indemnifies luxury motorbike tours, their employees and third-parties from any claims that may be asserted in connection with caused damage during the tour. Liability for intentional damage or gross negligence by luxury motorbike tours remains unaffected. As far as luxury motorbike tours makes demands on the services of agents or other third parties, luxury motorbike tours is limited to carefully select and monitor all services, provide the agreed services in accordance with the local custom as well as provide a suitable itinerary. The liability of luxury motorbike tours as an organizer and agent, irrespective of the legal reason, is limited in total to the amount of three times the tour price. A liability for delays is excluded.

7. Passport, Foreign Exchange, Customs and Health Regulations

Luxury motorbike tours informs the customer about passport, visa, customs and health regulations of the visited holiday destination. The customer should get necessary information about infection and vaccination and other prophylactic measures as well as thrombosis and other health risks. The customer is obliged to reveal peculiarities in his person and in his traveling companions. Each customer is responsible for compliance with the relevant legislation in the countries relevant for his travel. All disadvantages arising from non-compliance with these requirements shall be borne by the customer.

8. Insurance

Due to country-specific features, luxury motorbike tours does not provide any travel insurance services. However, luxury motorbike tours expressly advises all customers to conclude a travel cancellation insurance as well as an international accident and health insurance.

9. Duty to Cooperate Subscriber Assurances

The customer is obliged to give his complaint without delay and on location. If possible, the organizer will try to put things right. If the customer intentionally fails to indicate a claim, a reduction and compensation does not occur.