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As a company you shouldn't resign Incentive travelling. Incentive events are great opportunities to motivate employees and ideal ways to bind business partners. A highly competitive enterprise needs absolutely motivated and highly competitive employees in the company. Incentive travelling proved to prevent Burn Out syndromes. With our Incentive tours you show your employees and partners that they are important for you and the enterprise - and this knowledge motivates very strongly.

Reward travelling and motivation travelling are used by companies to bind their employees and business partners more to the enterprise and to prevent Burn Out syndromes.

Employees are recompensed for very good achievements, or are motivated by travelling with team-building character for an increased achievement in the future.

Incentive travelling does not offer ready-made tours or events. Incentive travelling adapts to the individual needs of the instructing enterprise.

Tour description - what can you expect?

Luxury Motorbike Tours realizes events with different achievement steps to support team building:

  • Off-road motorcycle driving
  • Cross-country vehicle expeditions
  • Motorcycle group travelling
  • Travelling through the jungle of South-East Asia
  • Elephant trekking
  • Rafting on the Mekong
  • Cave expeditions etc.
  • If requested: product training's, conferences, workshops, presentations and company internal meetings are offered by „Luxury Motorbike Tours“. If needed - a professional video team is also available to record the tour.

    Do you want a unique motorbike journey, tailored to your personal needs? Get in touch with us, we are happy to make you an individually offer, according to your wishes!

    Contact us today!

Incentive Tours

  • Planning and organization of supporting programs and experience programs
  • Creation and production of pressure documents
  • Travel organization (reservation of flight tickets, hired cars, etc.) within Asia
  • Care on site
  • Asia width hotel choice
  • Prize negotiations
  • Interpreter's service in all matters

Journey logistics & Location Searching’s:

  • Reservation of the means of transportation
  • Production of the routes: Planning of the coaches and special trains, train run signs, expedition distances
  • Organization of coach companions, videos and backing-up material
  • Installation of schedules
  • Hotel search, arrangements, reservation
  • Placement and information to the guests
  • Location scouting, hire contracts, arrangements

Registration & Print material

  • Creation / production of pressure documents like Mailings, invitations, menu maps, drinks maps and place cards, entry legitimization, welcome packages
  • Reservation of photographers and press
  • Price Negotiation and budget default
  • Organization of gimmicks, guest presents and advertising gifts

Supporting service:

  • Takeover of the registration procedure of participants, e.g., about email or fax
  • Cashing for events
  • Pressure V. To nameplates, place cards, welcoming writings, etc.

Infrastructure & logistics:

  • Assurance
  • Driving service
  • Receiving control
  • Staff (Security, hostesses, orderlies, fire brigade)
  • Cleaning service
  • Cloakroom, signposting of the event, flags and Badges
  • VIP's care


  • Experience catering trade – subject bars:
  • Production of CAD – to seats plans
  • Event Design
  • Logistic construction all service and drinks
  • Supervision of the service staff
  • Water connections and stream connections
  • Organization V. To culinary tents and care areas


  • route selection
  • VISA Service
  • Choose a car
  • Catering, Chef , Kitchen vehicle
  • Medical care, doctors in the escort team
  • Vehicle service , car mechanic in the escort team

Conference Management:

  • Registration of participants
  • Control and collection of registration fees
  • Data Management
  • Congress Hotline
  • Marketing of exhibitions spaces
  • Speakers search, coordination and supervision

Fairs and Congresses:

  • Design and planning
  • Hotel reservations
  • Frame and adventure programs
  • Exhibition Stands
  • Exhibition Organisation
  • Catering
  • Shuttle Service
  • Hostesses